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99 Names of Allah

Retail Price : $1.95
"Our Price" : $1.75
Author : Idara Exports (compiler)
Pages : 112 Binding: Paperback
A handy little book, to be carried everywhere you go, with the 99 names of Allah (al asma al husna) along with numerous travelling and other dua's (supplications).
New Islamic Videos more June 2004 "new products" new Audio CDs
Purification of the Heart
Purification of the Heart : Signs, Symptoms and Cures of the Spiritual Diseases of the Heart : Translation and Commentary of Imam al-Mawlud's Matharat al-Qulub (Shaykh Hamza Yusuf)

Retail Price: $16.95
"Our Price": $11.79
(You save: 30%)
Abu Bakr al Siddiq
Abu Bakr al Siddiq : His Life and Times (15 audio CD set in vinyl travel case)

Retail Price: $55.00
"Our Price": $53.50
Description of the Prophet
Description of the Prophet and On Celebrating the Prophet's Birthday (pbuh) (2 audio CD set) Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Retail Price: $16.95
"Our Price": $11.79
Religion, Violence & the Modern World
Religion, Violence & the Modern World (Shaykh Hamza Yusuf) UK Tour 2004 (5 audio CD boxed set)

Retail Price: $39.95
"Our Price": $34.15
Islamic Horizons
Islamic Horizons May/June 1425/2004
ISNA magazine publication.

"Our Price": $3.50
Habil & Qabil (The Sons of Adam)
Habil & Qabil (The Sons of Adam) : The First Human Murder (Animated film DVD)

Retail Price: $19.95
"Our Price": $17.95
Understanding Islam
Understanding Islam : A Guide for the Judaeo-Christian Reader (Dr. Jerald Dirks)

Retail Price: $16.95
"Our Price": $15.25
Read and Speak Arabic for Beginners
Read and Speak Arabic for Beginners (Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud Gaafar, Leila Gaafar)

Retail Price: $16.95
"Our Price": $11.85
(You save: 30%)
Our Dear Prophet
Our Dear Prophet : In the Words of the Creation (8 books in 1 box set)

Retail Price: $34.95
"Our Price": $31.45
The Armies of the Caliphs
The Armies of the Caliphs : Military and Society in the Early Islamic State (Hugh Kennedy)

Retail Price: $29.95
"Our Price": $26.95
(You save: 30%)
The Muslim Discovery of Europe
The Muslim Discovery of Europe (Bernard Lewis)

Retail Price: $15.95
"Our Price": $11.15
(You save: 30%)
Misconceptions on Human Rights in Islam
Misconceptions on Human Rights in Islam (Abdul Rahman al-Sheha)

Retail Price: $11.95
"Our Price": $  9.95
Quran & Sirah Story Mazes
Quran & Sirah Story Mazes (Five Maze Books) Box 2

Retail Price: $9.95
"Our Price": $8.95
(You save: 30%)
Quran Story Mazes
Quran Story Mazes (Five Maze Books) Box 1

Retail Price: $9.95
"Our Price": $8.95
Quran Stories for Kids Box
Quran Stories for Kids Box Double Hardback Book Set w/ 24 Stories : Goodword Kidz

Retail Price: $19.95
"Our Price": $17.95
(You save: 30%)
Quran Stories for Little Hearts
Quran Stories for Little Hearts - Box 3 (Goodword Kidz)

Retail Price: $14.95
"Our Price": $13.45
The Day of Ahmed's Secret
The Day of Ahmed's Secret (Florence H. Parry)

Retail Price: $6.95
"Our Price": $4.80
The Greatest Stories from the Quran
The Greatest Stories from the Quran (paperback) Saniyasnain Khan

Retail Price: $10.95
"Our Price": $  9.85
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Learning Arabic
Quran in English Translation
Introduction, Propagation and Conversion (books only)
Islam in North America, Its History, Growth and Future
Christianity, its Doctrines, and Other World Religions
Dawah, Propagation, Methods and Manuals
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Biographies of the Prophets and Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Muslim Worship and Spirituality (books only)
Fasting in Islam, Ramadan, Eids and their Regulations
Friday Prayer and Collections of Sermons
Tasawwuf (Ihsan, Sufism, Islamic Mysticism)
Spiritual Insights into God, Religion and the Islamic Lifestyle
How to Perform the Hajj, Pilgrimage and Umrah
Supplications, Dua, Dhikr and the Names of God
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Death and the Afterlife, Funeral Issues, Wills, Descriptions of Heaven and Hell
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Parenting and Education in Islam, Curriculum
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Economic System of Islam
Biographies of Famous Muslims of Later Times
Modernity, Secularism, the West and Islam
Islamic Revival and the Future of Islamic Civilization
Principles of Islamic Sacred Law (Usul al-Fiqh) Jurisprudence and Criminal Law in Islam
History of Islam through the 19th Century
Modern Political History of the Islamic Nations of the 20th Century
Political Science of Islam
History of Islamic Science and Evolution Theory
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Speeches and Discourses by Imam Anwar al-Awlaki
Lectures & Speeches of Jaafar Idris, Yusuf Idris, Kamal Mekki, Abu Abdullah, others
Lectures & Speeches of Br. Safi Khan
Sacrifices in Being a Muslim (4 tape audio album set) Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqoubi, Zaid Shakir, Hamza Yusuf, Siraj Wahaj, Abdullah Adhami
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Featured Products
Touched by an Angel
One Woman's Jihad
One Woman's Jihad : Nana Asma'U, Scholar and Scribe (Jean Boyd)

Historical, spiritual, and literary portrait of a remarkable 19th-century African Muslim woman.
Women in Islam
Women in Islam : The Western Experience (Anne Sofie Roald)

Deals with Gender issues in the context of Muslim women in the West.
Quran Challenge Board Game (Box)
Sweet n Easy Cookbook
Sweet n Easy Cookbook : Recipes for the Islamic Household (Hajra Makda)

Over 130 irresistible recipes for cakes, biscuits, and sumptuous desserts. Easy to understand and easy to create.
Everything Understanding Islam Book
Featured Items
Digital Quran Reader Book
Digital Quran Reader Book:
(Arabic, English and French Model) w/ batteries and headphones (RS-3000TS Model)

Carry the entire Qur'an, spoken and written, in your pocket at all times with this new device.
Arabic Sounds & Pictures
Write with Arabic Editor / Urdu Editor
Write with Arabic Editor / Urdu Editor

The easiest and fastest way to create and publish Arabic-English documents
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